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Article: sustainability


>> Fashion in harmony with people and nature <<

VON&ZU stands for durable, timeless and fair fashion. That is why it is important to us to act in harmony with people and nature in the long term. In the following points we record what our current contribution to a more sustainable approach to fashion is and what we want to achieve in the future.


Limited production

We manufacture our clothing exclusively in limited series. This means that, based on demand, only as many pieces are produced as are actually ordered by our dealers. By limiting, we consciously use raw materials, avoid overproduction and thus prevent a surplus of goods and the associated loss in value of the products.

socially fair

For us, sustainable production primarily means social responsibility. We produce exclusively in EU countries (Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania) and ensure that all of our producers work under fair conditions and are paid appropriately. We are particularly committed to women, who are enabled to live a free and independent life through the jobs in the factories.

Our producers are long-standing partners of our manufactory. They are familiar with our quality standards and know what is important to us. We are in close contact with them and regularly visit them on site, because this way we get a much better impression and understanding of working methods, problems and possibilities and can react to them.

Crafted in Europe

We design and manufacture our samples in our manufactory in Gemünden am Main. This enables us to develop perfectly shaped garments without logistical restrictions and long distances. Our way from the design table to the tailoring studio is just 5 meters.

With our production in Europe, we also reduce our transport routes to a possible minimum, which results in significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

The best thing about our Crafted in Europe mentality? We can support the crafts on our continent and ensure that good know-how and high-quality tailoring can be passed on for many generations to come.

Long lasting fashion

For us, the most important contribution to more environmentally friendly fashion is to extend the life of our clothes and create a style that lasts. Therefore, we pay attention to high-quality materials and flawless craftsmanship.

With conscious and high-quality consumption, resources can be saved in the long term and this small contribution can reduce global CO2 emissions.


We want to continue to develop in the future and make our contribution to a more sustainable fashion industry.
Therefore, here are some goals that we have set ourselves and will implement in the near future:
  • Development of intelligent product packaging made from recycled and reusable materials
  • Improvement of advice in the online store to increase purchasing security and reduce returns
  • Full traceability of the manufacture of non-textile parts of animal origin
We welcome any form of feedback, information and ideas for a more sustainable fashion industry. Just send us an email or direct message on Instagram.

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